What is WorkLife Coaching?

WorkLife Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. The alliance created during the process of WorkLife coaching addresses the client's whole life. WL Coaching is about intentionally moving forward with one's life.   By engaging in the WL Coaching relationship, you can expect to experience a fresh perspective on personal challenges and opportunities, enhance thinking and decision making skills, improve interpersonal effectiveness and increase confidence in carrying out work and life roles. You can also expect to see appreciable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of personally relevant goals.  Throughout the WL Coaching process you are supported as you answer the questions, Who Am I? What Do I Want? Where Am I Going? How Do I Get There?

Imagine what you could do with your life if you …..

  • Had a partner championing your every step towards your dreams and/or goals
  • Stopped procrastinating
  • Were provided with the tools and resources that support your growth
  • Could be held accountable and kept moving forward toward your goal(s)
  • Had someone who listens without judgment and accepts who you are
  • Discovered your hidden self           

How does coaching work?

Coaching is done either in person, if location permits, over the phone or online using state of the art communication methods on a weekly or bimonthly basis depending on personal needs and time commitment. We can connect with you 24/7 anywhere in the world. Each session usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour, and again, is based on the designed partnership.

What is your experience?

Laura has completed the core curriculum at the Coaches Training Institute, is a member of the International Coach Federation and is a certified consultant in The Birkman Method.  Laura donates her time and supports several organizations that promote women’s entrepreneurship such as The Women’s Book, WELD, and the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA).  

What is a Birkman Certified Coach?

A coach who has been credentialed by Birkman International, has completed stringent education and experience requirements, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching.

Who are your clients?

I work with creative women who are dedicated to making a change and diving into self-exploration.  If you are a self-motivated woman searching for your unique WorkLife blend and are eager to learn strategies on how to get there then this is the place for you.  I guide you by helping you capture your story and connecting the chapters of your life to your future story.  I provide you with the discovery tools and techniques in the mining of the events.  Let’s get started with the rest of your life (click here)

How are you different from others in the coaching profession?

Just as you are unique, so is my approach.  By using the Birkman Method right from the start, I provide you with immediate insights into who you are.  We save a lot of time in the beginning of our working relationship which helps you achieve your goals sooner.  I provide you with additional tools and resources integrated with the Birkman Method to answer the four key questions:  Who Am I?  What Do I Want?  Where Am I Going?  How Do I Get There?


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