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Take Off the White Gloves and Become a Change Agent!
Read Complete Post at HuffPost Women The Road to Change In 1968 I attended an all-girls “junior” college in Boston.  I had no idea back then ...
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Ready for Change?
Expand Your Comfort Zone! We all have our comfort zone, a place where we feel comfortable and safe. We are at ease in our routine surroundings, job, ...
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Get Your MOJO Workin
Tips on How to Get Mojovated   (Photo The time is now for our collective MOJO to be resurrected. There are con...
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How Do I Get There?
To answer this question we address the essentials of an effective action plan which includes establishing clear targets, building an effective network of powerful contacts, addressing all of the challenges of today’s communications, and ensuring that your documentation represents you and your personal brand in a first class manner. We help you unleash your full communication potential by using classic theatrical techniques and modern targeting and networking approaches in order to enhance your confidence and provide you with clarity in your approach. We provide you with insights to help you get where you want to go by identifying and refining a compelling core message that motivates and inspires you.

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