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30 Minute Initial Consultation and Exploration  (FREE!)

This session helps us determine if my coaching philosophy is a good fit and will meet your unique needs. The session is 30 minutes long and will give us a chance to meet and greet!    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WorkLife For Women Quest Program Level One 

OK,  you’re ready, willing and able to experience the benefits of coaching,  you’re ready to find the answers to your questions - then the Quest Program is for you.  This “get started” program not only helps you jump- start the coaching process, it will also lay the foundation for all future success in your coaching journey .  It consists of an in-depth assessment utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive tool, the Birkman Method.  We will identify and explore your passion, your strengths, your needs and your stressors.  This information will equip you with what you need as you move forward in your WorkLife Quest.  This foundation program is about understanding yourself and laying the groundwork for answering the WLFW four key questions:  Who Am I?; What Do I Want?; Where Am I Going?; How Do I Get There?. Join me in working to uncover your answers.                                                             

Program Includes:

  • 30-minute initial consultation session
  • WorkLife’s Motivational Tool, the Birkman Assessment & Method
  • 1 ½-hour Birkman results overview, developing an initial coaching plan, designing our consulting partnership, and clarifying your vision and needs
  • 1-hour follow up check in and a next steps discussion
  • Unlimited short consulting emails between phone or online meetings

WorkLife For Women Quest Program Level Two   

The Level One is a meaningful and impactful accomplishment, however, work remains to be done as you choose your future path.  We offer Quest Level Two programs to support you in your continued journey.  The content is customized to your needs.       

Program Includes:

  • Two one-hour sessions focusing on career, leadership or improvement in key areas such as presentations, sales, consulting and entrepreneurship.
  • Any combination in person, phone, email or online meeting formats.
  • Depending of what topic is chosen, we have a wide array of cutting edge, industry leading assessment tools to help inform and support your dialogue.

(Prerequisite:  Quest Level One Program)

WorkLife For Women Quest Line 

Perfect for those upcoming presentations, interviews, and pressure meetings.  Retain Laura for these on-going situations, have access to her support via phone/email/online meetings on an on-going and as-needed basis.  10% discount for clients who are ready to commit to a year.

(Prerequisite:  Quest Level One Program)


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