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Laura’s presentations are customized to the uniqueness of each situation.

Her extensive experience as a speaker and workshop facilitator covers different industries, associations, and educational institutions.  She is known for her ability to entertain, motivate and build rapport with groups of all ages, small and large, at any level of the organization.

Laura offers a wide range of topics for a kick-off, a lunch, a whole day or an overnight retreat focusing on empowering women, expanding self-awareness and shifting the paradigms associated with WorkLife balance.  Participants are entertained as well as educated using a variety of film/video, music and artistic exercises to enliven the presentation and engage the audience.

Sample topics include:

“EQ & Patient Loyalty”                      
“Stress Management & Personal Well-Being”    
“7 Keys to Performance Coaching”
“Discover the Keys to Your Unique WorkLife Blend
“The Art of Being Yourself”
“Living an Empowered Life”
“Passion in a Petrified World”

“Collaboration and Communication - New Tools for Education in the 21st Century”
“Managing Change & Leading Transition”
“Executive Presence”


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