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MarthaLII want to express my appreciation and fascination with the Birkman Assessment and WorkLife Method utilized by my career coach, Laura Butler.

I was at a turning point in my career – fearful and overwhelmed - when I approached Laura for guidance.

The Birkman was dead on in helping me affirm my strengths and become aware of my blind spots. The WorkLife Method gave me clear answers and direction in dealing with my professional and personal goals and challenges.  It also helped me identify how I should handle my supervisors, associates and even my husband.  Because I felt like I was in such safe, trusted hands with Laura, I was able to let my guard down and really listen.

I would recommend Laura Butler’s WorkLife Method and The Birkman to anyone looking for a sound, clear assessment for next steps in their personal and/or professional development.

Martha Spiegel
Staffing Specialist and
Business Developer
 I worked with Laura the summer of 2006.  I had decided to make a career change after 20 years in the same field.  Laura recommended that I use the Birkman Assessment to help guide me in my future career endeavors. 

I  was amazed at how well the Birkman results truly showed who I am.  It was able to put into words things about me, my work style, my strengths and weaknesses that I had not been able to articulate.  The Birkman helped open my eyes to what I was looking for in my career change, the type of work and environment that I would thrive in. 

I highly recommend working with Laura and using the Birkman Assessment tool to get to know yourself better and what you are truly looking for in your career life, to provide you with an optimal WorkLife balance!

Lynn M. Rideout
Birkman Method
The Birkman Method


This WorkLife Basic Report is designed specifically to give you a window into much of the motivational insight and information that is generated by the assessment developed by Birkman International.

We have created the report to help you begin to understand as much as possible about yourself. This information is extremely sophisticated and is used in many complex human relations applications that require the interpretation by specialized consultants beyond the range of this Report. Our hope is that you may elect to continue to access our products and services and have the opportunity to discover these advanced applications for yourself in the future.

The WorkLife Method opens your personal window to a lifetime of satisfaction and achievement. We are dedicated to your success and satisfaction.  The WorkLife Method is focused on giving you and those you work with the key to fulfilling your goals and needs in work and life  and to align your daily activities with the interests, talents and inclination that make you uniquely YOU.

Using the WorkLife Method, you'll find out how you and your work really work -- and how to put yourself in charge of YOU. Supported by an unrivalled database of occupational and behavioral information, the Career Section of the report hyperlinks to the US Dept. of Labor Occupational Index for unlimited further exploration of core job matches!  In addition, the information supplied in this report helps you understand, not underestimate, your strengths, and to take down preconceived barriers that limit your personal achievement and development.

With the WorkLife Method you'll see yourself, your work and your opportunities in a whole new way. Think you know yourself and the working world around you?  You may.

But WorkLife powered by the Birkman can show you what you can DO about it, and reveal options and opportunities that can expand and maximize your potential. You'll be getting information that can change your future. It already has for thousands of others like you in businesses, institutions, enterprises and organizations around the world.



OPTION 1 - $50.00

Career Management Plus Report

This online tool will provide youwith  results generated from your responses to The Birkman Method® assessment. This comprehensive assessment measures behavioral traits, motivation, stress and occupational interests.  Gain insights into clarifying career direction, assisting in career transition and capitalizing on innate preferences that contribute to job satisfaction and success.  In addition it will identify your ideal work environment and provide you with questions and answers that will assist you in the interview process. 


Basic ReportIncludes Questionnaire link, View/Downloadable 44 page Basic Report, plus an Introductory Slideshow & Level 1 Workbook

The 44 page WorkLife Window Basic Report includes:

  1. An introductory overview,
  2. The identification and definition of your Areas of Interest,
  3. A graphical and narrative explanation of your strengths, motivations and reactions in 11 key behavioral areas,
  4. A Career Report with key match hyperlinks to the US Dept. of Labor Occupational Database
  5. A 10 page expanded view of your information and how it is similar or different from the Interests, Strengths, Motivations and Reactions of other people to guide you in understanding and being successful  with your team, your family and your customers.


All of the benefits of Option 2 with the addition of a 1 hour, in person or online meeting coaching conversation with one of our highly acclaimed, experienced and helpful founders – Laura or Dave Butler.  You may select this option and use at any time or upgrade later if you like.



This is a serious commitment to yourself and your future!  This key Developmental step includes everything in Option 2, as well as the upgrade to the Advanced Report which includes Narratives on Stress, Relationships, Decision Making, Conflict, Time Management &  Preferred Work Styles along with insights on Leadership, Sales, Negotiating and Customer Service – all of this and 2 in depth coaching sessions to create an Action Plan for your Future!  Also available any time or you can upgrade when you are ready.


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